Pntml) testing—test that uses an electrode in the anal canal to evaluate how well the nerves are working endoanal ultrasound—test that uses sound waves to make a picture; used to detect any injury to anal sphincter muscles proctosigmoidoscopy—test that uses a thin, lighted tube inside the rectum; used to examine the rectum and lower colon for injury or disease defecography—test that uses x-rays and dye to look at the bowel and how it functions treatment talk with your doctor about the best plan for you. viagra without a doctor prescription Options include: diet your doctor may suggest changes to your diet. generic viagra online You may be referred to a nutritionist for diet ideas. Examples of dietary changes include: eating smaller meals more frequently avoiding foods that may trigger diarrhea (spicy food or foods with caffeine are common culprits. ) eating more fiber and drinking more fluids (if incontinence is due to constipation) devices absorbent diapers are often used with fecal incontinence. 1000 ways die viagra overdose Another option is an anal plug. These plugs, which are available in a variety sizes and shapes, may be helpful for some people to control symptoms. buy cheap viagra Bowel training your doctor may suggest using biofeedback. This method can retrain your body’s responses. is viagra and viagra the same A bowel movement schedule can also train your bowels. For example, you can pick four times throughout the day to try to go to the bathroom. Exercise learn how to do kegel exercises. These exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. viagra coupon program Surgery surgical procedures may be used to treat this condition when other treatments have failed. Examples include: an overlapping sphincteroplasty to rebuild the anal sphincter injecting bulking agents, radiofrequency therapy, and/or nerve stimulation inserting an artificial bowel sphincter (which you can open and close as needed) colostomy (done in severe cases)—disconnects the colon and brings the end through an opening in the abdomen prevention to help reduce your chance of getting fecal incontinence, take the following steps: prevent constipation by eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids. viagra effect women wiki Pay attention to your diet and avoid foods that trigger diarrhea. cheap viagra Try to maintain a regular bowel movement schedule. can i buy viagra in thailand Talk to your doctor if you are having trouble with diarrhea or constipation. Pictures of viagra pills Resources: international foundation for functional gastrointestinal disorders national digestive diseases information clearinghouse canadian resources: canadian digestive health foundation canadian society of intestinal research references: diarrhea. can i buy viagra in thailand National digestive diseases information clearinghouse website. buy viagra Available at: accessed january 9, 2012. buy viagra online Fecal incontinence. National digestive diseases information clearinghouse website. cheap viagra online Available at: accessed january 9, 2012. viagra soft tabs forum Fecal incontinence: lifestyle and home remedies. buy viagra online Mayo clinic website. Taking 200 mg viagra Available at: accessed janu. can i buy viagra in thailand cheap generic viagra viagra safe site to buy from whats youngest age use viagra does generic viagra really work which pill is better viagra or viagra viagra 50 mg fiyat viagra results forum is 200 mg of viagra dangerous viagra cost boots viagra vs viagra diabetes viagra 20 mg price viagra use heart